Pintail Waterfowl custom duck call jig

Custom toneboard jig

Pintail waterfowl manufactures duck call jigs for use in custom duck call making. We offer public duck call jigs, blank call jigs, and custom waterfowl jigs.
When you are making duck calls the hardest part of the call is making the toneboard or call insert. The toneboard is the part that creates the sound. A different shape toneboard will change the sound the call makes.
In order to create the same sound over and over again a duck call jig is used. This allows for the maker to easily duplicate the toneboard shape on every call.
There are lots of shapes and size duck call jigs. Public duck call jigs are a call jig that has been made available to the public. While the sound can still be customized, the public duck call jig is available commercially to other makers.
Pintail Waterfowl’s public jig is different from any other public jig on the market. What we did was actually prototype a custom duck call jig which became our public jig. This means the sound is close to the quality of a fine tuned custom toneboard. If you are new to call making, this will help get you a great sounding call a lot easier. If you are a veteran call maker, our call jig can still get you a great sound and have the ability to tweak the shape for your own custom sound.
For those who want to have their own jig, unique to them, we offer two choices. Our blank jig, is “almost” a completed jig. We did all the work, all you have to do is cut the radius and have the jig hardened. This is great for those that are experimenting trying to make the sound they want. You can still use this jig to cut the cork notch, then hand cut the radius and try it out. When you get the radius you want, you can cut the blank jig itself or use the toneboard to have us create a custom jig for you. If you don’t cut the jig itself, you will be able to repeat the process again in the future if you wish to create different jigs.
Our custom jigs are the most affordable on the market. You send us your toneboard and we will create a custom duck call jig from it. You will then be able to duplicate your custom sound.
All of our duck call jigs (except for our blank jig) are hardened to 60 rc.

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